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Battling the bulge      2013-08-25
According to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of obese people under the age of 18 has reached 120 million in 2013,

Ru porcelain's a big winner at the Earth Awards      2013-08-22
Two pieces of Ru porcelain artwork wowed the judges so much that they took top place at the recent 3rd China Ceramic Art and Craft Expo and Earth Awards, in July.

Henan Special: Henan invests heavily in cultural heritages      2012-12-27
With support from the local and national government, great progress has been made in efforts to protect the wealth of cultural heritage sites in Henan province, one of the places where Chinese civilization first originated, a senior official said.

Mass culture activities to be held in Ruzhou      2012-06-11
Mass culture activities and holiday celebrations will be held in Ruzhou from June to December, 2012. The theme of the activities is "joy in central China, charm of Ruzhou".

Ruzhou city will focus on four focal points for building itself into a culture highland      2012-04-20
Taking actual situation into account, focusing on four focal points, Ruzhou city is striving to develop its culture industry for to building itself into a culture highland by focusing on four focal points.

Ruzhou held the first public forum on traditional Chinese culture      2012-02-21
The first Ruzhou public forum on traditional Chinese culture was held at the Tianrui Zhongzhou International Hotel in Ruzhou city on Feb 10, 2012.

The painting and calligraphy exhibition held in Ruzhou      2012-02-21
The 2nd "Social Security Cup" painting and calligraphy exhibition was recently held by the Ruzhou municipal publicity department at the Porcelain Museum in Ruzhou city.

Quju Opera Festival in Ruzhou      2011-08-29
The press conference of the second Quju Opera festival was held on Aug 19 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. This festival will start on Sept 6 in Ruzhou, Henan province and it will last for four days. Almost 300 guests are expected to attend.

Ruzhou’s custom and festivals      2010-09-15
The Temple Fair has a long history in Ruzhou, Henan province.

Historic sites and cultural relics      2010-09-14
There are many historic sites and cultural relics in Ruzhou.

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