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Ruzhou’s pottery and porcelain history      2010-09-14
Rutao, a kind of pottery produced in Ruzhou, Henan province, originated in the Neolithic Age and is considered as a treasure of the city.

Calligraphic arts in Ruzhou      2010-09-14

Rutie, one of the art treasures of Ruzhou, Henan province, refers to a collection of work by many ancient famous calligraphers. With different types of Chinese calligraphic fonts, such as the inscriptions on ancient bronze objects, seal characters, official script, regular script and cursive style, it was highly praised by many ancient renowned poets.

Ru Stone (Plum Blossom Jade)      2010-09-14

Ru Stone is a kind of jade with great texture and rigidity, originating from the border area between Ruzhou and Rurang, Henan province, deemed a “national treasure” by the first emperor of the Eastern Han dynasty (AD25-220).

Qu Opera      2010-09-14
The Qu Opera, an opera genre derived from balled singing, is one of the main types of drama in Henan area.

Ru Kiln, an art treasure in Ruzhou      2010-09-14
Ru Kiln refers to a government kiln in Linru County catering to the Northern Song rulers; the kiln's products were known as Ru ware porcelain.

Five Famous Kilns in the Song Dynasty      2010-09-14

China has a long history in porcelain, which developed from pottery making. The ceramic history can be traced back to the Neolithic age. Along with the development of ceramics,in the early period of the Shang dynasty (1783-1134 BC), the original green porcelain, or celadon, appeared.

Development of Porcelain      2010-09-14

Porcelain did not come easily. After several thousand years of hard work, the early potters accumulated rich experience in their craft. The earliest porcelain appeared in the slave societies of the Shang and Zhou dynasties.

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