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New traffic regulations for Jinjiang Airport

Updated : 2015-07-09

To coincide with the opening of Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport's new terminal on July 1, the road in front of the old terminal will remain closed for construction.

To prevent traffic jams from happening in the small parking area in front of the new terminal, new traffic regulations are carried out for vehicles wishing to pick-up and drop-off passengers.

According to the airport's traffic police department, pick-up vehicles should park in parking lots. Passenger pick-ups are not permitted in all parts of the airport. Vehicles intending to drop-off passengers can only park in a limited area for a maximum of 3 minute. Those wishing to stay for more than three minutes are required to or park in the parking lots. No other vehicles are permitted to stop in all sections of the airport, other than designated parking zones.

Any violation of the regulations, with photo evidence, will be subject to a 150 yuan fine and 3 points against the driver's license.

The road in front of the terminal will be closed every day from 22:00, meaning that all vehicles will be required to park in the designated parking lots.

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