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Updated : 2015-03-13

Jinjiang has 54 middle schools, five secondary vocational schools, 289 primary schools, and 434 kindergartens, including 38 public ones. It also has a school for teachers’ advanced studies and a special education school. The teachers’ college for vocational studies has been rated as a provincial-level demonstrative school and a national level demonstrative vocational institution. Its 15 public middle schools have reached the provincial standard, among which one school is of the first class. In 2014, Jinjiang invested 108 million yuan to construct a special education school, the biggest of its kind in Fujian province. The total number of students on campus is 349,800, including 209,408 children of migrant workers, accounting for 59.85 percent of the total. There are a total of 14,594 teachers, including 12,110 public teachers.The city’s education work has won many honors.

Jinjiang No.1 Middle School


Jinjiang No.1 Middle School was established in 1952, and was designated as a provincial key middle school in 1964. The school has 3,153 students and 256 teachers, including 87 senior teachers on campus. The school has won many provincial-level and national-level honors.

Yangzheng Middle School was founded in 1928 by Chen Qingji, a member of the Chinese Revolutionary League. The school has been designated as a national experimental school for modern education.

Yangzheng Middle School


The school has 3,400 students and 256 teachers, including two special grade senior teachers. The school has performed very well in the last decade, as many students were recruited by Tsinghua University, Peking University and other first-class colleges in China.

Yangzheng school has established sister school relationship with Zhongzheng College in Philippines and Hart Pure College in England.

Address: No.49 Haiba Road , Anhai town, Jinjiang city, Fujian province.

Tel: 0595-85788434

Jinjiang Vocational School


Jinjiang Vocational School was founded in 1954,and was transformed into a vocational school in 1981. The school was rated as a national-level key vocational school in 2000. It has won many honorary titles during the last decade.

There are 4,000 students and 256 teachers on campus. The students have won many prizes in the national technical ability contest.

Address: Jinjing town, Jinjiang city, Fujian province

Tel: 85384087 85397087



Jinjiang experimental primary school


Jinjiang experimental primary school was founded in 1910. It has developed into a demonstrative primary school which is a pioneer in educational reform. The school has 2,798 students and 156 teachers. It has won many honorary titles, and the students has won prizes in many academic contests.

Address: No.3, Bajiaolou, Jinjiang

Postcode: 362200

Tel: 0595-85676055 18905066888

Quanzhou College of Technology


This school opened in 2009 with seven departments and 19 majors. The campus, covering a 100,000-square-meter area and costing more than 300 million yuan, has a full range of facilities and dormitories and sports grounds. It also has more than two dozen training bases located outside the school, and works closely with companies such as Anta Sports Products Ltd and the Hengan Group to provide the proper education for today’s requirements.


Tel: 0595-3620-7778

Fax: 0595-3620-7779

Address: Bolan Ave, Jinjiang, Fujian province

Postcode: 362200

Quanzhou Institute of Technology


This school, established in 2002, now has more than 5,200 students in its four departments - business, automotive engineering, architectural design, and digital media -- with 33 majors. Its 333,333-square-meter area contains 63 pedagogical practice bases and 91 training bases, and a library with at least 425,000 books and 336,000 e-books.Quanzhou branch: 255 Pingshannan Rd, Fengze district, Quanzhou, Fujian

Postcode: 362000

Phone: 0595-2254-5888

Fax: 0595-2254-8001

Jinjiang branch: Daxue Rd, Neikeng, Jinjiang, Fujian

Postcode: 362268

Phone: 0595-8814-0015

Fax: 0595-2254-8001

Jinjiang Huaqiao Vocational School


This school, covering a 160,000-square-meter area, was built at a cost of 40 million yuan in government funds and 20 million yuan from overseas Chinese, with a complete range of facilities and more than three dozen labs and training rooms. It now has 3,500 students and around 200 teachers and has visiting professors and engineers for lectures or training. Its majors are adapted to today’s market needs and there are additional areas of teaching. It has a high employment rate for graduates, around 98 percent, and has graduated nearly 10,000 people with solid technical skills. It also cooperates with many companies in education and internships.

Address: 463 Shuanglong Rd, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 8568-0197, 180-6533-9697

Jinjiang Experimental Kindergarten

This school was established in 1980, with two campuses, both fully equipped with multi-media devices, computers, and arts classrooms. The main campus covers a 10,745-sq–m area, and the second one, 2,416 sq m. It currently has 815 pupils and 103 faculty members holding 24 classes. In March 2002, it got “Quality Kindergarten” recognition from Fujian province and, in December 2009, became a provincial demonstration school.

Jinjiang Elementary Primary School No.2


This school was set up in 1993 by Chen Yongzai, a resident of the Philippines, on 24,343-square-meters of land. It now has 3,600 students in 73 classes, and 192 teachers. Even in its short history, it has received more than 60 honors at the national, provincial and city level.

Address: 142 Diyixincun, Qingyang St, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 0595-8569-0512

Jinjiang Kindergarten No.3


This school, built in 2001, became a provincial elementary kindergarten in 2010. It has two new branches under construction that are expected to be ready for use in September 2015, and will cover a 15,660-square–meter area. It has 13 classes and more than 470 pupils, with 68 staff members. Every classroom has a piano, computers, and TVs, and is air-conditioned. There are rooms with various functions and sports facilities available.

Branch No.1: Zhuyuan residential area, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 8565-9262

Branch No.2: next to Chengshijingdian, Zhuhui Rd, Jinjiang, Fujian

Tel: 8565-9580

Jiyan High School


This school was established in 1989 by an overseas Chinese, Guo Wenti, and enrolled its first student in the autumn of 1991. It now has 40 classes with 1,877 students and 218 staff members and covers a total area of more than 50,000 sq m. It contains teaching buildings, a building complex, a technology building, dormitories, an art museum, and a swimming pool and is completely equipped with modern teaching facilities, such as a computer system, multimedia classrooms, TV station, sound labs, electronic reading rooms, Net Center, observatory eco-museum, and a library with more than 110,000 books.




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