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Updated : 2015-03-25


The city's Economic Development Zone was built in 2000, and became a provincial zone with government backing in 2003, and a demonstration zone in 2005. Since 2009, it has been expanding with industrial parks to cover a 200-square-kilometer space, or about a quarter of Jinjiang, giving its industries and economy a much-needed boost.

The parks are all within 3 - 10 km of the Jinjiang Airport, the Fuzhou-Xiamen Railway, Shenyang-Haikou Expressway, Shenhu Port and Weitou Port. The zone has one-stop tracking services and environmentally friendly facilities and ISO14001 international environment management certification.

Quanzhou Export Processing Zone


This is located where the towns of Cizao and Zimao meet and was the first open, national special economic zone in the city of Quanzhou, Fujian, after the reforms and opening-up started more than three decades ago and the province’s largest bonded zone, with a planned area of about 3-sq-km.

Wuli Integrated Industrial Park


This covers 20 sq km and specializes in electronic information and photovoltaic power industries, and traditional local industries such as textiles, shoes, clothing, machining, food, and fine chemicals.

Andong Centralized Control Industrial Park


This is part of an industrial belt north of Anhai Bay, with the Anping and Zhendong development zones, with a planned area of 10 sq km, mostly for light processing business in first- and second-tier industries.

Dongshi Taiwan-backed Industrial Park


This covers a 11.5-sq-km area, specializing in trade, logistics, tourism, real estate, and high-tech industries, and as a place for Taiwan’s high-tech business.

Yinglin Clothing Trade Park


This covers 4 sq km of space for clothing manufacturing and sales and support services and accommodation. The central area is planned for trade with local industries at its sides.

Xintang Modern Logistics Park

This 2-sq-km area combines modern logistics and trade and links Shishi’s and Jinjiang’s trade and industries, with the Quanzhou Expressway passing through.

Provincial Equipment Manufacturing Base Jinshen branch


This has 25 sq km of space and gives priority to logistics and R&D to build an integrated, ecological manufacturing site with certain advantages, industrial features, innovative business, a perfect support system and plenty of talent.

Provincial Equipment Manufacturing Industry Base Annei branch


This covers the livelihood industry, such as textile, shoe-making and stone cutting on a 17.5-sq-km space, as well as scientific, technological R&D with offices and living areas.

China Packaging and Printing Base


This key national project covers a 7-sq-km area mainly in printing and R&D.

Shenhu Small and Medium Enterprises Pioneer Park


This has a planned area of 1.8 sq km primarily to support small-to-mid-sized enterprises as an incubator while integrating clothing, zippers, packaging, and logistics.

Hongshan Culture and Innovation Park


This covers 0.24 square kilometers and four major industries, including industrial design and talent, and three support industries such as fashion shows and creative experience and contains 28 enterprises in the leather, clothing, footwear, textile, and food industries.

Sanchuang Park

This park draws on Jinjiang’s industrial advantages and adjacency to Taiwan, with a 2.4-sq-km space that mainly deals with smart businesses, industrial design, innovative R&D, and capital operations, to give the Jinjiang economy a boost.

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