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  • Peny-Shaped Shelled Shrimps

    2011-06-23 16:25

    The dish was initiated by “Mo Youcai Kitchen” in Shanghai. It’s now often the first course of hot dish on first-rate banquet tables.

  • Water Inside, Water Out

    2011-01-30 08:40

    Yangzhou natives are immensely proud of the city's attractions, and are not above teasing first-time visitors a little. Han Bingbin shows off his home town which, he says, is eponymous with the good life.

  • Hotel Listings

    2011-02-26 07:40

    Visiting chefs Pushpendu Sen and Arvind Nautiyal will bring a true taste of India at Grand Hyatt Beijing's Grand Caf from Feb 25 to March 6, with their specialty Indian curries and tandoor items.

  • The Tao of food

    2008-04-21 10:17

    It's no secret that the Chinese have always cherished exquisitely prepared, thoughtfully presented and delicious food. In China business has long been conducted over banquet tables and every Chinese friend will tell foreigners that no meeting or social gathering is considered complete without a good meal.

  • Michelin-rated dim sum for the hols

    2011-01-17 13:27

    When guests arrive from abroad, Cantonese dim sum is almost always on their lists of things to do in Hong Kong.

  • Chinoise Story Spring Festvie Specialty Dishes

    2011-01-19 14:33

    Elegant, understated class is how I would describe the décor and atmosphere of the Chinoise story.

  • Senses Restarant - Special 2011 Lumpfish Menu Promotion

    2011-01-19 16:20

    With a visit to Senses Restaurant at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel always promising an experience to remember, we were very glad to have the chance to see what the culinary master at this venue had in store for us on this visit.

  • Chufa cake like a snowflake

    2011-06-14 17:31

    Chufa cake, known for its medicated value, is white and looks like snowflakes.

  • Chicken steamed with gastrodia elata

    2011-06-14 17:21

    Chinese medicated cuisine: chicken steamed with gastrodia elata

  • Salt-baked tofu with eight kinds of traditional Chinese medicine

    2011-06-14 17:16

    Chinese medicated cuisine: salt-baked tofu with eight kinds of traditional Chinese medicine

  • Spicy chicken with chili sauce

    2011-06-14 17:10

    Chinese medicated cuisine: spicy chicken with chili sauce

  • Bite with a big bang

    2011-06-07 13:48

    Chengdu's 'cannonball' glutinous rice ball snack is all about sight, sound and taste.If you ever go to Jingli Street - an ancient alley in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, do not miss one of the city's most distinctive snacks - sandapao, or "three cannonballs".