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  • Fang Ji Kitchen

    2011-07-25 15:05

    Fang Ji Kitchen is known for its home cooking. It is popular with customers because of its economical and delicious food.

  • La Po Po Restaurant(Yuan Dadu Branch)

    2011-07-25 13:58

    The restaurant is famous for its boiled fish, spicy shrimp, Maoxuewang and crab roe tofu.

  • Affordable Cantonese

    2011-07-24 13:29

    Food from the southern province of Guangzhou is among the best-known among Chinese cuisines. Ye Jun tracks down a restaurant that draws the home crowds.

  • Guizhou cuisine on the menu

    2011-07-24 11:02

    Summer Palace at China World Hotel cooks up Guizhou food, an intensely flavorful, diverse and colorful cuisine.

  • Just can't say no to naan

    2011-07-24 11:02

    I recall vividly the taste of that large bowl of fried beef noodles with cumin that my classmates and I treated ourselves to when we were in college.

  • Old Shanghai Restaurant

    2011-07-24 09:12

    Old Shanghai Restaurant is specialized in Shanghai cuisine. It is famous for its crispy cucumber.

  • Noble House

    2011-07-22 17:23

    An introduction to Noble House in Beijing.

  • Jiuyan Restaurant

    2011-07-22 17:23

    It is a romantic restaurant with quiet and comfortable atmosphere, relaxing music, and soft light. The decoration is impressive.

  • Tu Zao Guan Restaurant

    2011-07-22 17:22

    The dishes are quite delicious, and it has a traditional and authentic flavor of Zhenjiang cuisine.

  • Pearl

    2011-07-22 17:21

    An introduction to Pearl in Beijing.

  • Summer Palace

    2011-07-22 16:40

    An introduction to Summer Palace in Beijing.

  • Harvest Festival Restaurant

    2011-07-22 16:40

    Harvest Festival Restaurant is a good place for business appointments. It is famous for its tea flavored shrimps.