Kate Winslet donates libel win to eating disorder charity

2007-05-15 18:22:33

An eating disorder charity today spoke of its delight after receiving a cash donation from actress Kate Winslet.

Cannes film festival hits 60

2007-05-14 08:37:08

Cannes Film Festival turns 60 this year, and the diamond milestone means a long line of stars jostling with lesser-known names of arthouse cinema for media attention and fans' adoration on the famed red carpet.

Angelina Jolie fights to save misuse of Shiloh's name

2007-05-14 10:45:59

Angelina Jolie is fiercely battling to save daughter Shiloh's name from being misused.

'Potter' star turns down teen movies

2007-05-14 11:32:14

Emma Watson has turned down roles in US teen movies because she doesn't want to play a rebel.The actress admitted that she is careful about the film roles.

Keira and Sienna are beachy keen on each other

2007-05-08 10:21:14

Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley are preparing to shoot an onscreen lesbian scene, but off screen, the pair are more interested in tomfoolery.

"Shrek 4"to get a director

2007-05-08 13:54:24

Ready to take big project into his hands, Mike Mitchell is engaged in talks to helm "Shrek 4" which DreamWorks Animation is keen to develop in its follow-up to "Shrek the Third" that will open in theaters on May 18 this year.

Amy Winehouse to be the next Bond babe?

2007-05-08 14:23:24

Fans of Amy Winehouse might get to see her as the new Bond Girl for the British singer has reportedly been approached by producer Barbara Broccoli to star in the new 007 flick.

Barrowman eyes pop career

2007-04-30 11:33:09

Doctor Who actor John Barrowman is considering ditching his acting career to become a pop star instead.

Portman endorses microloans for women

2007-04-30 08:58:11

Actress Natalie Portman says that for many of the world's poorest women, a small loan can change their lives.

Lily brings some youth to the Diana stage

2007-04-27 10:51:52

Performers ranging from a foul-mouthed rapper to the English National Ballet, via Lily Allen and Andrew Lloyd Webber, will ensure the five-hour charity concert to mark the 10th anniversary of the Princess of Wales's death smashes through cultural boundaries.

Jolie urges U.S. to boost aid to orphans

2007-04-27 08:48:47

Angelina Jolie, helping an orphans advocacy group establish its headquarters in the nation's capital, pushed Thursday for more U.S. aid for education in developing countries.

Kate poses as mannequin

2007-04-26 16:52:25

Kate Moss will pose as a real-life mannequin when she launches her new clothing range at UK fashion chain Topshop on May 1.