Aniston and Vaughn rekindling their romance?

2007-04-10 15:37:20

Old flames Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are reportedly having a rethink over their stalled romance.

Lindsay Lohan's upfront new image

2007-04-10 09:48:04

Freshly out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan has astounded her fans by being spotted in public wearing a.. bra!

Kate Moss's crowning glory

2007-04-10 09:44:29

Kate Moss swopped her fashion crown for one made from gold cardboard and plastic jewels, on a family trip to Disneyland.

Dunst: 'The World would be better if everyone smoked weed'

2007-04-10 08:31:31

Hollywood film star Kirsten Dunst is a fan of marijuana and believes the world would be a better place if "everyone smoked weed."

Halle Berry is set to go bald for new movie

2007-04-06 08:34:50

Her beauty trumps many a starlet in youth-obsessed Hollywood but Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, at age 40, is preparing to go where few top actresses would dare

Michael Jackson memorabilia set for auction

2007-04-06 08:32:07

Michael Jackson's trademark black fedora and the gold record for his "Thriller" album are among dozens of the pop star's belongings to be auctioned by New York's Guernsey's auction house next month.

Johansson likes to flirt, be mysterious

2007-04-06 08:19:09

Did Scarlett Johansson have a fling with Justin Timberlake? She's not saying.

Longoria at the Laureus World Awards ceremony

2007-04-04 17:29:51

U.S. actress Eva Longoria poses as she arrives for the Laureus World Awards ceremony in Barcelona, April 2, 2007. [Reuters]

Cameron Diaz gets her sexy back

2007-04-04 08:36:40

Gorgeous Cameron Diaz has bounced back from her break-up with Sexyback singer Justin Timberlake, in the best way possible - by looking better than ever.