Angelina Jolie voted sexiest star ever

2007-02-25 10:38:36

Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie has been voted the sexiest star ever in an online poll for the BBC's 100 Greatest Sex Symbols special.

Scarlett Johansson waves during the Hasty Pudding in Cambridge

2007-02-16 08:47:12

Actress Scarlett Johansson waves to fans during a parade to honor her as Hasty Pudding Theatricals' Woman of the Year at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts February 15, 2005.

Paris Hilton poses at the opera ball in Vienna

2007-02-16 08:52:50

Paris Hilton looks over the dance floor in the opera house during the traditional opera ball in Vienna February 15, 2007. [Reuters/Herwig Prammer]

Eva Mendes photo album

2007-02-15 11:35:56

Natalie Portman and Bernal back together?

2007-02-15 10:53:19

Natalie Portman and Gael Garcia Bernal have sparked reports they have rekindled their romance after they were photographed leaving a German nightclub together.

Drew Barrymore: No flash for Letterman

2007-02-14 10:56:36

In a "Late Show" appearance in 1995, the actress famously danced on Letterman's desk for his birthday and briefly bared her breasts with her back to the camera.

Fashion Party

2007-02-12 15:52:50

Snickers ad lowers the bar

2007-02-12 15:42:07

The makers of the classic candy bar have dropped their latest commercial from the airwaves and removed it from their Website after a couple of gay rights groups complained that the 30-second Super Bowl spot packed a homophobic message along with its promises of chocolaty peanut goodness.

Celebrity deaths spark concern over South Korea's suicide rate

2007-02-12 11:31:04

Actress Jeong Da-Bin and pop singer Yuni, two high-profile young women with successful careers, were both found hanged in the past few weeks, sparking concern in South Korea.

Jennifer Aniston has no instant adopting plans

2007-02-12 09:08:52

Jennifer Aniston's representative has confirmed she is interested in adoption, but has no immediate plans, reports Female First.

The young guns fire up

2007-02-11 20:07:24

Their mums are still key, but Wisteria Lane has some Desperate Teenagers now as well.