Duff admits song is about parents' split

2007-05-24 09:59:17

Hilary Duff has revealed that her latest song is about her parents' break-up.

Nicole Richie slams rehab rumors

2007-05-24 15:39:17

Representatives for actress Nicole Richie have slammed recent reports that claimed that she had re-entered rehab to fight drug addiction.

Jessica Alba wants a marriage based on unconditional love

2007-05-24 09:04:45

Actress Jessica Alba recently revealed that she wants her marriage to be rooted in "unconditional love".

Bloom hangs his sword

2007-05-23 08:41:49

Actor Orlando Bloom plans to hang up his sword after spending nearly a decade making the blockbuster trilogies "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "The Lord of the Rings" to tread the boards of a London theater this summer.

Liz Hurley dropped as face of jeans giant Jordache

2007-05-23 11:39:21

British beauty Elizabeth Hurley has been dropped as the face of American clothing company Jordache.

Holmes threatens legal action over imposter

2007-05-23 09:29:20

Katie Holmes is threatening legal action after a teenage porn star changed her name to Katee Holmes--and plans to lose her virginity onscreen.

Jolie's life is an open book

2007-05-22 17:15:35

Angelina Jolie insists that people will never find any skeletons in her closet, for she has lived her life like an open book.

Longoria eyes adoption

2007-05-22 13:34:14

Actress Eva Longoria is planning to adopt a child with her basketball-player fiancee Tony Parker.

Craig gives in to "Flashbacks"

2007-05-21 13:50:04

Daniel Craig, the latest incarnation of James Bond, is temporarily laying down his Walther PPK to play a fading Hollywood star in Baillie Walsh's "Flashbacks of a Fool."

Sienna Miller loses control

2007-05-21 15:30:00

Sienna Miller appeared to come a cropper and ended up with a nasty cut on her forehead when films "The Edge of Love".

Heidi Klum goes topless for clothing company Jordache

2007-05-21 10:33:08

Heidi Klum, a model and mother of three, still has the guitar body shape. The German beauty has thus been signed as the new face of clothing company Jordache.

Jennifer Aniston and Vince plan romantic reunion in Chicago

2007-05-21 14:35:37

Actress Jennifer Aniston and her on-again off-again lover Vince Vaughn are reportedly planning a romantic link-up in Chicago soon.