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Updated: 2013-03-20 10:56
( China Daily)

I used to worry it might be hard for Tang Wei to play such an outspoken, noisy and sometimes annoying girl, because she is known for her gracefulness. But she has demonstrated her professionalism and diligence. Besides, she is actually a lovely, sometimes boyish girl who does not hide her emotions, which was a pleasant surprise for both the film and me.

Xue Xiaolu, director of Finding Mr. Right.

She performed in the two-hour workshop presentation of A Dream Like a Dream when I taught at the Central Academy of Drama, in 2001. She was cast as the wife of Patient No 5. Though her skills were not complete at the time, it was obvious to me she was special and I told her so. In fact, I didn't even think she would make it to graduation before the talent agents got to her. To this day I still see the same traits that have made her a star - purity of expression and dedication to the art.

Stan Lai, theater director.

What impresses me most is her dedication. She did not have much acting skill at first, but improved gradually as filming went on. It was difficult for me to teach her, but in the end she did a good job, which made me feel very accomplished. As a director and mentor, to teach such a student is a valuable experience, for both of us.

Ang Lee, in an earlier interview on her performance in Lust, Caution.

She loves learning new things. People say she is good at language, but I know she works very hard at it. She used to learn ancient Chinese from a teacher, not because she has to use it, just because she wants to learn it.

Yuan Hong, senior theater producer, in an earlier interview.