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Plenty of confidence

Updated: 2013-01-24 09:44
By Chen Nan (China Daily)
Plenty of confidence

Folk singer Gong Linna has captured a fan base with her forceful interpretations of folk songs and classics. Provided to China Daily

Gong Linna continues to reshape folk music on the contemporary stage, Chen Nan reports.

From the day that Gong Linna became an Internet sensation for her lyricless song Tan Te, or "Disturbed", she was known as an unconventional Chinese folk singer who breaks all the rules.

With her powerful voice, wide vocal range and dramatic facial expressions, she attracts attention and gets rave reviews when she releases each new song.

Fa Hai, You Don't Understand Love, Gong's latest song - which, like Tan Te, was composed by her German husband, Robert Zollitsch - has conjured up yet another wave of attention and controversy.

First performed at the New Year's eve gala of Hunan Satellite TV on Dec 31, the new song soared to popularity overnight thanks to its contagious melody and quirky lyrics.

"Fahai, you don't understand love. The Lei-feng Pagoda will fall down," sings Gong, 38, in a white glittering dress, playing the role of White Snake, the protagonist of the Legend of the White Snake.

The song's melody and lyrics are direct and simple. After the debut performance, the song has been remade over and over by fans on the Internet. The video has been watched more than 100,000 times online.

However, some people complain that the song is boring and nonsensical.

Plenty of confidence Plenty of confidence

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