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2004 NPC & CPPCC
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Constitution Amendment

Premier pledges to push reforms ahead
Premier Wen Jiabao pledged to steer the "big ship of Chinese economy" on a smooth and fast course.
Full text of China's budgets reports
Full text of the government work report
Constitution amendments endorsed
Chinese premier pledges continuous support to HK
Premier vows to live up to people's expectations
China's top legislature closes annual session
Latest News
  Details of the amendments to the Constitution
  China will never seek hegemony
  China's top legislature closes annual session
  Lawmakers show high concern over cultural security
  Jilin Governor: concept shift key to attract foreign investment
  Legislator calls for law governing lottery business
  CPPCC charter revision has far-reaching influence
  Working to solidify CPPCC
Constitutional Revision
  Details of the amendments to the Constitution
  Opinion: Inclusion of human rights an important milestone
  Lawmakers adopt constitution amendments
  China's Constitution amendments welcomed by foreign business people
  Lawmakers endorse Constitutional amendments
  Amendment paves way for state of emergency bill
  Human rights in amendment significant
  Draft proposal consecrates private property
2004 Budget
  China to increase defense spending by 11.6%
  Transfer payments to local governments to be increased: finance minister
  Finance minister prioritizes areas for central budget expenditures in 2004
  China to furth improve budget management system
  Finance Minister sets 2004 budgetary targets
  Finance minister lists problems in implementing budget
  Minister pledges to handle unpaid export tax rebates
  China think-tank sees growth slowing to 8.5% in Q1
  Photo Gallery  
  Agenda for March 13  
  The Standing Committee of the 10th NPC  
  10th CPPCC National Committee leadership  
  Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee  
  Backgrounder: People's congress system, NPC  
  Constitution of the People's Republic of China  
  People's congress system explained  
  NPC motions and CPPCC proposals  
  Power of supervision of National People's Congress  
  From the readers  
  What do you think Western view about China?  
  "We will definitely not tolerate Taiwan independence"  
  What do you think Western view about China?  

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