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  Full text of the report on China's economic and social development plan
  Full text of China's budgets reports
  Full text of the government work report
  Facts & figures in work report of the procuratorate
  Top procurator focuses on job-related crimes
  Top legislator vows to step up supervision
  Six ministerial officials punished
  Facts & figures in work report of court
  China to keep currency at `rational and balanced level'
  China to beef up human resources development in 2004
  Targets for China's economic, social development in 2004
  China reports progress in social undertakings
  China to raise farmers' income, improve food security
  Economic, social tasks set for 2004
  Chinese minister on difficulties, problems facing China
  China targets 7% growth in 2004; pledges stable yuan
  Abstracts of Premier Wen Jiabao's government work report
  China to open wider to outside world
  China to create more job, improve social security work
  Premier on demolition of urban houses, expropriation of farmland
  Chinese premier wants rural workers paid on time
  Chinese premier vows to fight crimes
  Premier vows efforts to promote political restructuring
  Wen urges deepening reform of state banks
  Premier: China to boost non-public sector economy
  Chinese premier urges cultural development
  China to make fresh progress in reforms this year
  China to scrap agriculture tax in 5 years
  China to maintain stable, rapid growth thru macro-control
  Premier focuses on people's well-being in policy briefing
  Premier on principal domestic tasks for 2004
  China's investment in social fields up 12.4 percent in 2003
  Premier: Government worked hard to create jobs in 2003
  Premier: Government tries to ensure adequate disaster relief
  Chinese premier on institutional reforms
  Premier sees progress in SOE reform
  China makes remarkable achievements in 2003
  Premier: Never allow anyone to split Taiwan
  Premier: China to improve defense capability
  Wen: Independent foreign policy to continue
  Premier expects a 7% economic growth
  Appropriate macro-control boosts economy
  CPPCC chairman reiterates one-China principle
  China's top advisory body begins annual session

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