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Press Conference
  Premier: State commercial banks face last-ditch battle
  China firmly opposes attempt to separate Taiwan
  Premier vows further crackdown upon corruption
  Premier confident in energy cooperation with Russia
  Premier on government institutional reform
  Premier: Party to follow Constitution and law
  Chinese premier pledges continuous support to HK
  China will never seek hegemony
  Premier: Chinese economy at critical juncture
  Premier: Taiwan referendum threatens stability
  Premier vows to live up to people's expectations
  Premier answers question from public, US teenagers
  Major granary promises to produce more grain
  Regulators promise healthier banking system
  China's central bank not mulling interest rate rise
  China pledges yuan stability
  China crackdowns on counterfeiting currency
  NPL ratio of Chinese banks down to 17.8 percent
  Foreign minister: China rising peacefully
  Highlights of FM Li Zhaoxing's press conference
  Chinese FM on relations with neighboring countries
  FM: Peacefully rising China to benefit other countries
  China-US common interests on increase
  FM: Japanese leaders should take history as mirror
  FM: Great cooperation potential between China and Arab states
  China to intensify anti-terror efforts
  FM: China willing to help improve India-Pakistan relation
  China oppose foreign interference into HK affairs
  FM: Continuity important to China's diplomacy
  FM: China has little information about alleged DPRK uranium program
  China attaches greatest importance to human rights
  China denounces unilateralism, favors multilateralism
  China's confidence in foreign affairs well grounded
  Chinese, Russian presidents to hold summit
  Chinese FM denies DPRK "refugees" in China
  Chinese FM meets press
  Legislature pledges more anti-graft lawmaking
  Press center trying to beat unsatiable media demand
  NPC: Taiwan referendum an "immoral" tactic
  2,229 political advisers to meet
  CPPCC to open annual session in Beijing

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