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Delegates' Focus
  Villager-turned NPC deputies lobby for fellow farmers' interests
  Legislator calls for law governing lottery business
  Delegates discussing national affairs
  Top legislators heed concerns of common folks
  Procuratorate moves to protect rights of the accused
  Overdue justice" rejected in judicial work
  Legislators propose law on development of oil resources
  Legislature urged to incorporate into law online pornography offense
  China launching war on corruption in financial industry
  Take gender preference out of family planning
  Lawmakers propose for free trade zones along continental bridge
  NPC deputies Face up to anti-dumping charges
  Lawmaker calls for legislation against "biological intrusion"
  Legislator calls for law on AIDS control
  Chinese lawmakers propose law against junk mails
  Deputy, wife take people's work to heart
  First-hand investigation gives motions clout on agriculture
  Members: Private firms need support, understanding
  Delegates discussing national affairs
  Cuts in agricultural tax good for entire country
  Lawmakers listen to people
  Government urged to help women find more jobs
  CPPCC member urges enaction of anti-drug law
  Legislators lash out at China's duplicated investment
  Delegates speak out on national affairs
  Chinese people alert on grain security as prices rise
  Policy advisors warn danger of rising newborn sex imbalance
  Private entrepreneurs demand equal rights in business
  NPC deputies: 7% economic growth a pragmatic goal
  Better methods explored to invigorate old industrial base
  Balanced progress planned for country
  Father of hybrid rice on efforts to improve food security
  Local government downsizing eases farmers' tax burden
  Premier underscores "scientific development concept"
  "Motion Ace" with talents tells of Chinese entrepreneurs' zeal
  Year 2004 crucial to China's reform, development
  NPC to focus on daily concerns, corruption
  Lawmakers urge food safety from cropland to table
  NPC meeting to focus on farming technology
  Keeping in touch with the people

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