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Odd Christmas traditions around the world

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Odd Christmas traditions around the world

Christmas logs for sale at a fair in Spain. [Photo/IC]

Mention Christmas, and what we think of may be Santa Claus, Christmas trees, exchanging gifts, and having a fancy dinner. Actually Christmas is celebrated variously in different countries and some customs may seem to be quite weird. Let's take a look.

Spain: Poop log

In Catalonian Spain, Dec 8 is considered the beginning of Christmas. On this day, each family will bring out a festive "poop" log, a Christmas log that is a small hollow log with stick legs, a smiley face and a floppy red Catalan hat. Then every night until Dec 24, children are given tasks to take care of the log, including feeding him, watering him and covering him with a blanket to ensure he stays warm and comfortable.

On Christmas Eve, children will gather around the log and beat him with sticks while singing festival songs. Then a miracle happens, with the children discovering that the log has "pooped" out a number of candies and gifts, which were actually put inside by their parents.

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