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  • Domestic jet fuel prices increase in March

    2013-03-04 15:25

    Domestic jet fuel prices rose 359 yuan ($57.65) a ton to 7,885 yuan in March, China Business News reported on Monday.

  • Jiang Zemin's sister calls for green solutions

    2013-03-04 11:24

    Jiang Zehui, the sister of China's former president Jiang Zemin and a member of the 2013 Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference which began on March 3, has proposed a number of green measures to help protect the environment.

  • Deputy says anti-smoking drive a drag

    2013-03-04 10:58

    China's anti-smoking campaign has become a drag after a deputy to National People's Congress said she felt powerless to act as little progress has been made in seven years.

  • One voice, two sessions

    2013-03-03 16:07

    The safety of children should be a national top priority. I call on the two sessions to establish a milk powder ministry, led by the vice-premier, because milk powder quality is directly related to the country's future.

  • CPPCC saves 2m yuan by going paperless

    2013-03-03 15:52

    Zhang Jing'an, head of the Information Office at the General Office of the National Committee of the CPPCC, said the CPPCC will save 2 million yuan ($320,000) thanks to a series of measures initiated during its first session that will help reduce expenditures.

  • Families with missing children need support

    2013-03-03 15:48

    Xie Chaohua, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, urged the government to offer assistance to families with missing children.

  • No street closures during NPC and CPPCC

    2013-03-01 16:51

    Beijing will not block the streets or use squad cars during the upcoming political sessions so as to guarantee smooth traffic.

  • Feb passenger car sales drop to below 1m

    2013-03-01 16:49

    The total retail sales of passenger cars in China last month is estimated at 880,600, a 2 percent drop over February 2012.

  • Red Flag H7 serve govt officials

    2013-02-28 15:28

    Thirteen Red Flag H7 premium sedans manufactured by First Automobile Work were delivered to China's northeastern Jilin provincial government.

  • China needs electric cars more than hybrid

    2013-02-28 15:09

    China will continue to promote electric vehicles, as electric and hybrid vehicles sold in 2012 contributed to only 0.7 percent of the nation's total car sales.

  • Vocational grads see more jobs than college grads

    2013-02-28 13:40

    Vocational school graduates are seeing employment rates topping 95%, higher than for college graduates, according to a report published by the Ministry of Education on Feb 27.

  • China's new electric cars subsidy to expand

    2013-02-27 17:19

    China is expected to subsidize electric vehicles sold in 25 model cities, expanding from the current five cities, and adopt a unified subsidy standard.

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