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  • Adulterated cosmetics raise big concern

    2013-03-19 17:20

    Although CCTV's 3.15 show did not touch on the field of e-commerce, recently cosmetics suppliers have become a target of public criticism.

  • Free medical for elite players causes stir

    2013-03-19 16:20

    An announcement from the Shanghai sports authority for a plan to provide free medical insurance for life to its world champion athletes has stirred wide turbulence in cyberspace on the issue of medical care and privilege.

  • Beijing to build more water recycling plants

    2013-03-19 11:02

    The Beijing Water Authority said the capital will set up 46 new water recycling plants and upgrade 20 sewage treatment plants in the next three years

  • 38% of Chinese suffer from sleep disorder

    2013-03-19 10:16

    In China, 38 percent of people suffer from various kinds of sleep problems, compared to the world average of 27 percent, according to the Chinese Sleep Research Society (CSRS).

  • Shanghai VW Skoda recall over gearbox issues

    2013-03-18 16:57

    Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda has released a recall notice on its website on March 16 concerning Octavia 1.4TSI, Octavia1.8TSI and Superb 1.4TSI models.

  • NZ milk import quota depleted within a month

    2013-03-18 16:39

    Chinese importers have used up the import quota of New Zealand dairy products for 2013, and further imports will be levied in accordance with the Most Favored Nations tax rate.

  • Volvo Chengdu plant to start production in June

    2013-03-18 15:10

    Volvo Car Group's first manufacturing plant will begin production in June in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China.

  • WEF to join China Car Forum

    2013-03-18 14:19

    The World Economic Forum is set to participate for the first time in the 2013 China Car Forum that will be held in Shanghai on April 20-21.

  • Chinese enterprises' obligations abroad

    2013-03-18 10:09

    China guides its enterprises toward fulfilling their social responsibilities when investing abroad.

  • China sets up $167b State-owned railway corp

    2013-03-18 09:34

    The Chinese government has given the green light to set up a national railway company with a registered capital of more than 1 trillion yuan.

  • Toyota China announces new president

    2013-03-15 16:49

    Hiroji Onishi will replace Shinji Kitada as the new president of Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co Ltd. The handover is due to take effect by April 1.

  • 11k car complaints in 2012, 65% on JV brands

    2013-03-15 16:45

    A car quality report website under China's quality watchdog received 11,631 complaints. Among which,307 over luxury cars.

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