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Ways to reduce air pollution

Updated: 2013-09-13 13:55
By ThomasLook(Sweden) (

First suggestion is introduction of District Heating and District cooling. The energy saving advantages with large scale management and maintenance of energy supply is so huge for China, and the reduction of pollution is so significant that China just can't lose the chance. It demands an installation of individual measurement of consumption of electricity and the technology is cheap. It's a terrible waste to let every home manage their own heating and cooling. Welcome to study Swedish model for this.

Swedish technology can also clean polluted waters. We have experiences from own mistakes and knows how to handle it.

Little by little China could exchange heavily polluting old transport vehicles to newer ones with light emissions of gases and substances.

These few steps will improve life quality to the impressive creation of urbanization for so many big modern cities in China full of hope and progress. Jia you.

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