By  CHEN MEILING in Beijing and HU MEIDONG in Fuzhou   Sep 27, 2023
By  Yan Dongjie   Sep 25, 2023
Popularity of modern yoga stretches out  VIDEO
Love knows no boundaries! Insideflow, a hottest modern yoga trend, has brought people from China, Japan, and South Korea closer together. Through various exchange events held in cities like Suzhou, Beijing, Xiamen, and Chongqing, enthusiasts of Insideflow have bonded over music, movement, laughter, and shared experiences. Founder Young Ho Kim believes that sports unite us all, highlighting the common roots shared by our ancestors.
By  Du Juan in Beijing and Zhang Yu   Sep 22, 2023
Beijing to glow up with flower beds to celebrate National Day holiday  VIDEO
Beijing will decorate Tian'anmen Square and its Chang'an Avenue with a giant flower basket and 10 flower beds to celebrate the upcoming National Day holiday, which lasts from Sept 29 to Oct 6 overlapping with the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Sep 22, 2023
A guide to doing business in Yiwu  VIDEO
Have you ever wondered how to start a business in China? Here in Yiwu, the world's largest wholesale market for small commodities, foreign businessmen are seeing fewer formalities in opening a business. Click the video to check the guide to doing business in Yiwu.
Sep 20, 2023
For China's 'science city', green future is the reality  VIDEO
On the Science Island of Central China's Hefei city, a group of scientists have their eyes on "energy from the future" - nuclear fusion power.
By  Yan Dongjie   Sep 15, 2023
Villagers in harmony open homes to tourists  VIDEO
A village in Yunnan province, where five ethnic groups reside side by side, has transformed traditional houses into guesthouses and its residents into performers. Speaking the Naxi language and practicing Tibetan customs, they warmly host tourists from around the world. In just eight years, this harmonious, multiethnic village has become a key exemplar of cultural tourism in Yunnan.
By  YUAN HUI in Hohhot and ZHENG CAIXIONG   Sep 13, 2023
Inner Mongolia prairie yields abundant grass harvest  VIDEO
As a hint of coolness swept over the grassland of the Hulunbuir prairie in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region in September, rows of mechanical cutters roared out to harvest the grass every day. Bundles of forage grass were scattered across the vast grassland, to be consumed later by livestock.
By  Du Juan and Wang Songsong   Sep 12, 2023
By  Shi Baoyin in Henan, Yan Maoqiang and Zhang Wenfang in Beijing   Sep 12, 2023
A measure of success  VIDEO
Have you wondered how many steel tapes does it take to circle around the Earth once? If the answer 8 million is a surprise for you, then wait till you check out Yucheng, a county in Henan province. What led this county to become known as the “county of steel tapes” in China? Watch the video to find out.
By  Ma Jingna in Lanzhou and Zou Shuo   Sep 08, 2023
By  Hu Dongmei and Chen Meiling   Sep 07, 2023
Careful hand work key to quality in Ningxia vineyards  VIDEO
Farmers in the wine-producing areas of Helan Mountains' eastern foothills in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region began picking grapes recently, marking the start of the busy season for wineries.
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