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Premier Li Keqiang meets the press: Full transcript of questions and answers


Updated: 2016-03-16 17:16:08


CCTV: A question about contributions by the general public and businesses to the five major social insurance programs and housing provident fund. There is a rising call by the general public for cutting personal contributions to these social security packages and housing provident fund. A very typical case is that if you take a look at the wage list of individual, he may earn 8,000 yuan but he can only get actually less than 5,000 yuan, and the rest over 3,000 will be contributions to the social insurance package and the housing fund. Businesses also feel that they are under heavy burden to pay such contributions. Both hope that contributions can be brought down. But we also know that on the other hand, the funding financial resources and social security schemes may have been over-stretched. So I want to ask you, MrPremier, how would you respond to the public concern and how will the government resolve this issue? Has this issue being put on the government work agenda?

Li Keqiang: During the two sessions, some NPC deputies and CPPCC members have also suggested that appropriate adjustments be made to the proportion of contributions to these insurance schemes and fund by public and business community. The central government, the CPC Central Committee and State Council have paid very high attention to this issue. Last year, the State Council already adjusted downward the contributions by individuals and businesses to the insurance scheme covering places, safety, unemployment and maternity.

On the whole there's still room for us to cut the contributions to these insurance schemes and fund and conditions of different localities vary from each other. As I said before, we still have ample social security funds and local governments can be given great autonomy to make their own decisions of adjusting downward such contributions in keeping with their local conditions. All in all the purpose of our effort is to lessen corporate burden and put more money in the pockets of our people. Thank you!