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Premier Li Keqiang meets the press: Full transcript of questions and answers


Updated: 2016-03-16 17:16:08


Phoenix TV: In the past couple of years whenever we come to the mainland, we are often asked what has happened with Hong Kong. There is so much to this one simple question and also the Mong Kok riots that took place on the first day of China's Lunar New Year exposed some problems that exist in Hong Kong's society. Hong Kong's economic growth has also been slowing. Mr. Premier, next year marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, many people in Hong Kong are asking this question: where will Hong Kong go in the future? What is your answer to that question Mr. Premier and will the central government introduce more policies to support Hong Kong's development?

Li Keqiang: Next time you get asked about this question, I suggest that you can answer that Hong Kong will maintain long-time stability and prosperity. The policy of the central government of adhering to "one country, two systems" — the Hong Kong people governing Hong Kong and high degree of autonomy will not change, and this policy has not changed. We believe that the Hong Kong SAR government has the ability and Hong Kong people have the wisdom to properly handle the complex issues in Hong Kong.

The development of Hong Kong is needed by Hong Kong itself and also the country as a whole. Hong Kong's development ultimately comes down to the efforts made by the people in Hong Kong. As an advanced economy, Hong Kong achieved a (GDP) growth of 2.4 percent last year, which is not low at all. Hong Kong can further use its own strength and also seize the opportunity offered by mainland development. The central government will give full support to any proposal from the SAR government that helps maintain Hong Kong long-term stability and prosperity and contributes to the well-being of people in Hong Kong. I have a confidence in a bright future of Hong Kong.