President Xi Jinping starts Central Asia tour

2013-09-03 16:24:37

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in the Turkmenistan capital Ashkhabad on Tuesday on the first stop of his four-nation Central Asia tour.

President Xi leaves for Central Asia visit

2013-09-03 07:57:58

President Xi Jinping left Beijing early Tuesday morning for Turkmenistan, the first stop of his four-nation visit to Central Asia.

Report spotlights China's global role

2013-08-30 00:18:14

Global governance institutions are urged to be more inclusive of China and other developing countries in the decision-making process.
Full text: China-Africa Economic and Trade Co-op

Putin sets goals for upcoming G20 summit

2013-08-29 03:00:49

While global economy remains at risk, Moscow intends to ensure sustainable, inclusive growth as a common goal for the Group of Twenty (G20), President Vladimir Putin said.

Xi's trip to promote win-win cooperation

2013-08-28 21:04:18

With President Xi scheduled to visit Central Asia and attend two major summits in the coming weeks, China is making another stride forward in promoting win-win interaction with the world. Xi's visit to Central Asia

Sino-Japanese meeting at G20 ruled out

2013-08-28 01:11:05

A senior Chinese diplomat criticized Japan for lack of sincerity in its latest call for a meeting between the countries' top leaders.
Japan coast guard seeks more money

Xi to expound Central Asia policies in visit

2013-08-27 21:56:03

Chinese President Xi Jinping will expound China's foreign policy towards Central Asia in a speech he is scheduled to deliver in Kazakhstan.

'Insincere' Tokyo not ready for serious talks

2013-08-24 01:44:44

Beijing on Friday denounced Tokyo's ploy of using the media to hype a plan to hold a leaders' meeting on the sidelines of an international summit. Special 
US comments on Diaoyu Islands draw fire 
China-Japan trade slumps 8.8 percent

China to strengthen cooperation with Russia

2013-08-20 20:25:27

Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Yang said that China and Russia should explore their full potential to cope with economic conditions and ensure bilateral trade growth.

China, US to enhance military cooperation

2013-08-20 14:37:50

Chinese and US defense chiefs agreed here Monday to take new steps to enhance military cooperation and exchanges between their countries.

Xi, Putin to meet at G20 Summit

2013-08-16 04:43:20

Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend theG20 Summit to be held in Russia and will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at the summit.

Beijing, Moscow hail military ties

2013-08-16 01:30:04

China and Russia hailed their high-level military collaboration and said they are planning more such exercises over the next few years.

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President Xi visits Central Asia, attends G20, SCO summits

Sept 3 to 13: Pay state visits to Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Sept 5 to 6: Attend the eighth Leaders' Summit of the Group of Twenty (G20) in St. Petersburg.

Sept 13: Attend the 13th Meeting of the Council of Heads of Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.


Chinese economy will not collapse

The Chinese government has steered their megacarrier through choppy seas quite successfully.

China's role in G20

I saw a China that is much more confident to put itself forward at G20 summit.


Beijing backs truce bid in Syria

Ties with Kyrgyzstan upgraded

Student's rare blood bonds Kazakhstan and China

Xi 'travels in time' along the ancient trade route

Xi in Kyrgyzstan for state visit, SCO summit

Silk Road to take on a new look