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Tianjin to establish ecological protection zones

Updated: 2013-12-18 17:07

Tianjin will set up permanent environmental protection zones if a draft regulation is passed at the local legislature's annual meeting in January.

The Tianjin Municipal People's Congress is soliciting public opinion until Dec 25 for a draft regulation that would set up ecological protection zones.

The draft will then be presented to lawmakers during their annual legislative session scheduled to open on Jan 18.

The draft, if passed, will empower the local legislature to measure off protective zones in the city where only eco-friendly construction will be allowed.

"It is a clause that aims to limit the power of the government," said Jiao Jian, a lawmaker at Tianjin Municipal People's Congress.

But the draft did not indicate what kind of area would be included in the protective zone. Jiao said the legislature is working on the issue and the results will be released by February.

Tianjin's greening rate lags behind most of the cities nationwide. Its green coverage stands at 35 percent of the total municipal area, while Beijing's is almost 45 percent.

The full text of the draft has been published online, and the public can send e-mails to or call 022-8360-6654 to offer suggestions.

Zhang Min in Tianjin contributed to the story.