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Forum organizer: Do not avoid difficulties

Updated: 2012-06-02 21:51

 Forum organizer: Do not avoid difficulties

Reinhard Bütikofer

Brussels - A key EU organizer of the third China-EU Political Parties Forum has called on both sides to continue in-depth exchanges on issues that are of common interest.

Reinhard Bütikofer, vice-president of the Greens / EFA group, said the forum has made a valuable contribution in tackling challenges and forming the changes necessary while EU and China are undertaking reforms.

Bütikofer, who has participated in all meetings of the forum that started in 2010, said at the press breakfast for the forum that the achievement was built upon four principles and he looked forward to the successful continuation of the forum.

Mutual understanding should be based on respectful, frank and candid discussions. EU and China should identify, promote common interests and acknowledge their joint responsibilities. He called on politicians not to avoid difficulties and to try to overcome them on the basis of mutual trust.

Bütikofer said EU and China should listen to different voices, including people from diverse backgrounds, and let young people play important roles.

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