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  • Record numbers return following festival

    2011-02-10 07:30

    Record numbers of travelers returned to their jobs in big cities during recent days as the seven-day Spring Festival holidays ended. Police get tough on train ticket scalpers  More spend Chinese New Year overseas Migrants roll back to jobs in cities

  • Police get tough on train ticket scalpers

    2011-02-10 07:30

    Some 4,955 alleged train-ticket scalpers had been detained or arrested by police by Tuesday and officers had confiscated 31,000 tickets with a face value of more than 5 million yuan ($759,000), according to the Ministry of Public Security.

  • A high-speed ride home

    2011-01-31 07:33

    Nearly 20 percent of Chinese train travelers have turned to high-speed lines during the Spring Festival peak travel period, Wang Zhiguo, vice-minister of railways, told a news conference on Jan 30.

  • China's railway system is put to the test

    2011-01-24 06:53

    The national railway system is going through a harsh test, with increasing pressure from passengers who lined up all night for a train ticket and the icy weather. The Internet lends a hand

  • A helping hand home

    2011-01-26 08:00

    Passengers with bulging luggage kept flowing through the waiting hall of the Taiyuan Railway Station. It was 12 days before the Chinese lunar new year, and the annual Spring Festival travel rush had begun in Shanxi province.

  • China begins annual travel rush

    2011-01-19 15:19

    China on Wednesday begins its annual Spring Festival travel rush, with an expected 2.56 billion passenger trips in the coming 40 days. Airlines and trains have been added to cope with the passenger surge, which is 11.6 percent up year on year, according to the Ministry of Transport

  • On the road to home

    2011-01-18 20:31

    China's annual Spring Festival travel rush will start on Jan 19 and last for 40 days.

  • Train passengers camp out overnight to buy tickets

    2011-01-18 15:43

    Migrant workers bundled up in quilts wait in line to buy train tickets at a station in Hangzhou, east China's Zhejiang province on Jan 17, 2011.

  • Beijing beefs up airport security

    2011-01-25 16:24

    Chinese police tightened security at Beijing International Airport Tuesday after a bomb attack killed 35 and injured some 150 at Moscow's airport.

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