100 m farmers to move to urban areas next decade

Updated: 2011-10-10 09:00


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BEIJING - More than 100 million Chinese farmers are expected to be transferred to urban areas over the next decade, said a report released Sunday.

The report entitled "2011 Report on the Development of China's Floating Population" said the country's urban citizens will exceed 800 million by the year of 2020.

China's economically developed coastal areas, with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as centers, are among the most attractive areas for farmers, the report said.

China has been witnessing a large-scale urbanization over the past 30 years since its opening policy and economic reforms. It plans to raise the urbanization rate to 52 percent by 2015 and 65 percent by 2030, according to the government's 12th Five-Year-Plan (2011-2015).

The report noted that public services in cities, including family planning management services, should be further improved in an effort to better serve urban citizens.

Reasonable policies are badly needed to guide the floating population and serve the country's urbanization drive, the report states.

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