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Report on China's economic, social development plan [Full Text]
Updated: 2008-03-21 11:23

3) We will set up a sound system for ensuring that people have adequate housing. We will improve housing plans and policies to ensure an appropriate supply of land and ensure that land is used and managed efficiently, focusing on development of housing for low- and middle-income families. We will improve the system of low-rent housing by providing more funding and expanding housing supply. We will improve development and management of affordable housing and increase the supply of small and medium-sized ordinary condominiums and housing with price ceilings. We will vigorously promote development of environmentally friendly residential buildings that conserve land and energy. We will continue to strengthen and improve regulation of the real estate market. We will use a combination of tax, credit and land policies and improve the matching fund system for housing to increase effective supply in response to market demand and curb irrational demand. We will strengthen oversight of housing prices and the real estate market and work to prevent overheating in housing prices by prosecuting to the full extent of the law persons who hoard land or housing, place false advertisements, withhold completed housing from the market and engage in price gouging and other speculative activities. We will improve planning and management of rural housing development.

4) We will make an all-out effort to rebuild the areas hit by the recent disastrous snow and ice storms in the south. Affected infrastructure facilities such as electricity, roads, railways, communications and urban public utilities, will be repaired as soon as possible, with the focus on restoring and rebuilding power grids, and the quality and safety of the rebuilding projects will be ensured. We will carefully implement all policy measures to bring relief to the people affected by the disaster, combining efforts to reduce poverty through development. We need to find out the number of houses and apartment buildings destroyed in the disaster and help rebuild them. We will help afflicted farmers resume production, do everything possible to ensure adequate supply of seeds, seedlings and agricultural supplies and grant appropriate subsidies to farmers in the worst affected areas. We will make the proper arrangements to help disaster victims get back on their feet as soon as possible. Monitoring and supervision will be stepped up to prevent any possible secondary disasters.