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Report on China's economic, social development plan [Full Text]
Updated: 2008-03-21 11:23

3) We will promote the transformation of big and bloated industries into strong and efficient industries. Independent research will be carried out to develop major equipment and key components and parts, focusing on key areas such as large, clean, high-efficiency power generating units, high-end digital machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment. We will energetically develop the modern energy industry and raw materials industry, increase the consumption of renewable energy sources as a proportion of total energy consumption, and accelerate the coalescing of companies engaging in exploitation of mineral resources. We will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, guide and promote mergers and reorganizations among enterprises in the iron and steel, automobile, cement, coal, papermaking and equipment manufacturing industries and encourage the development of internationally competitive conglomerates.

4) We will improve the environment for the development of the service industry. We will be formulating and implementing specific policy measures to accelerate development of the service sector. In service industries that are encouraged by the state, enterprises will be charged basically the same electricity and water rates as manufacturing industries. Trial reform of the service sector will be carried out in certain industries and in certain regions with the necessary conditions. Procedures for opening service businesses will be streamlined. The government will guide non-government investment into key areas and weak links in the service industry.

4. We will make greater effort to save energy and reduce pollution emissions and strive for even better results.

1) We will tighten the responsibility system for meeting goals in energy conservation and emission reduction. We will implement a master work plan for saving energy and reducing emissions, carry out the plan and methods for compiling statistics on and monitoring and assessing progress, and follow a stringent accountability system and a "failure in one aspect equals total failure" approach. We will improve the oversight system and intensify law enforcement and inspection for energy conservation.

2) We will devote a great deal of effort to retiring backward production facilities. This year we will shut down small thermal power plants with a total capacity of 13 million kilowatts, backward cement plants with a total capacity of 50 million tons, backward steel mills with a total capacity of 6 million tons and backward iron foundries with a total capacity of 14 million tons. We will set up a mechanism for retiring backward production facilities and do everything possible to take care of their employees.