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Report on China's economic, social development plan [Full Text]
Updated: 2008-03-21 11:23

4) The channels for increasing farmer incomes will be expanded. We will work hard to promote development of high-quality, high-yield and cost-efficient agriculture, accelerate development of rural secondary and tertiary industries and energetically promote development of the local economies of counties. We will continue to successfully run modern agriculture demonstration projects and the project to develop model towns to demonstrate comprehensive economic development. We will guide farmers in improving the mix of crops they grow, encourage them to raise livestock on scientifically formulated feed and promote industrialized agricultural operations. The project to train personnel with the practical skills needed for a new countryside will be implemented and vocational training for rural migrant workers will be improved. We will step up efforts to alleviate poverty through development and make innovations in its working mechanisms, and we will continue to successfully carry out the work of substituting work for relief and relocating people from inhospitable areas to reduce the size of the poor population.

5) The system of comprehensive social services for agriculture will be improved. We will develop harvesting, storage and transport services for agricultural products and distribution services for agricultural supplies. Application of agricultural science and technology will be increased and the systems for producing superior varieties and breeds, preventing and controlling plant and animal diseases, ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products and preventing and mitigating natural disasters will be improved. We will strongly support the development of specialized farmer cooperatives of all types and leading agricultural production enterprises.

6) Overall rural reform and reform of the system of collective forest rights will be accelerated. The mechanism for ensuring steady growth of agricultural funding will be improved. The transfer of farmers' land-use rights will be promoted and standardized. We will actively yet prudently work to reduce rural debts at township and village levels and in about three years basically clear up longstanding debts for rural compulsory education, mainly by increasing central and local budget allocations. Reform of farms run by overseas Chinese will be continued.