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Out on the town, Shanghainese style
Updated: 2006-04-10 14:51

16. Enjoy a night at Jiuchongtian bar. Jiuchongtian bar is situated on the 87th floor of Jinmao Tower. (THERE IS NO US MAGAZINE CALLED NEWS WEEKLY) Guests can have a taste of various fine wines while sampling Asian snacks such as Thai shrimp cakes or Vietnamese spring rolls. Glass walls allow a fantastic view of the city at night. (Location: 87F, Jinmao Tower, No. 88, Shiji Dadao)

17. Daydream at Xiangzhang Garden cafe. Xiangzhang Garden on Hengshanlu might be one of the best high class cafes in Shanghai.. Go there on a sunny afternoon, order a cup of Blue Mountain coffee, sit on a seat next to the window and daydream. (Location: the intersection of Hengshanlu and Taojianglu)

Out on the town, Shanghainese style18. Have a cup of coffee at Zhenguo cafe. It is said that in Zhenguo (real pot) you can have Shanghai's most exquisite coffee. As soon as you enter the café, waiters will offer you a glass of ice water to cleanse your palate. Then an original house blend of charcoal roast coffee in a British noritake cup will appear at your table. (Head office address: No. 85, Hutinglu)

19. Take a nap at Starbucks. Starbucks has 13 stores in Shanghai and has not only occupied every fashionable spot in downtown but also become a part of daily life for Shanghainese. Because of its delicate ambiance and low price Starbucks attracts many white collar workers and girls out shopping who are looking for a place to take a quick and pleasant break (Flagship store address: Shanghai Xintiandi, 169 Lane, Taicanglu)

20. Get dramatic at HardHan Cafe Theatre. HardHan Cafe Theatre on Zhaojiabanglu is the country's first multi-functional theatre in a bar . It contains a performance area of The stage is 600 square meters and audiences can enjoy the show while sipping xiaoguo (small pot) coffee, fine western wines and snacking on simple lunches.. (Location: No. 567-569, Zhaojiabanglu, near Xiaomuqiaolu)

21. Snatch a moment of leisure at Hanyuan bookstore. Sponsored by photographer Er Dongqiang, Hanyuan bookstore hides on quiet Shaoxinglu. It is a combination of bookstore and café, and houses not only many old style articles from the 1920s and 1930s, but also shelves of artistic books. You can order a cup of green tea, choose an historical book, and relax in a French style flower-engraved wooden round chair for an easy afternoon. (Location: No. 27, Shaoxinglu)

Out on the town, Shanghainese style22. Play cards at Real Brewed Tea. Real Brewed Tea, has 17 stores in Shanghai. Its products areall house specialties available nowhere else. Specially trained chefs make thedrinks on the spot. The décor has a distinct Taiwanese flavor. With square tables and chairs made from rough wood and a line of swing rocking chairs next to the window, the interior looks like a fairytale come to life. (Huaihai store address: No. 671, Huaihai Zhonglu, near Sinanlu)

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