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Out on the town, Shanghainese style
Updated: 2006-04-10 14:51

New to Shanghai? Whoever you are, whatever your taste, Shanghai's unique style is infectious. To help you get to know the city like the back of your hand we have compiled list of 22 places to go in Shanghai. In other words how to live it up in Shanghai like the Shanghainese do.

Out on the town, Shanghainese style1. Take a walk on Hengshan Road. Hengshan Road is best around sunset, when the streetlamps start to glow and there's no one around. Colonial manors, historic churches, street-corner parks, private gardens,bars and restaurants line this sycamore-shaded street.

2. Give your eyes a treat at Xiangyanglu. This clothing supercenter, where you can buy the most fashionable skirts, avant-garde T-shirts, trendy handbags and the most new-wave shoes is a visual feast of color and fashion.

3. Pick up some DVD's on the cheap. Zixilu holds Shanghai's biggest concentration of pirated DVD shops. Here you can findthe latest and hard-to-find movies.

Out on the town, Shanghainese style4. Take a date to Haagen-Dazs] Delicate ice cream combined with an elegant atmosphere makes H?agen-Dazs the most romantic and fashionable place to have a date. Haagen Dazs makes ice cream with only the finest ingredients and regularly introduces new flavors. So if you love her, then take her to H?agen-Dazs and get some sweets for your sweetie. (Flagship store address: No. 558, Huaihai Zhonglu. Reservations: 021-63593481.)

5. WHAT IS PARKSONS? WHY IS IT A GOOD PLACE TO GO? Parksons on Huaihailu is located at the heart of this famous street, the frontline of fashion. (Location: Shaanxi Nanlu metro entrance, Huaihai Zhonglu)


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