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Out on the town, Shanghainese style
Updated: 2006-04-10 14:51

6.Sing your heart out at Cashbox As Shanghai's most well-known KTV (karaoke) place , Cashbox provides the most complete set of songs, the most earth-shaking sound systems, the most comfortable rooms and buffet dinners. After midnight prices are slashed from 50 to 60 per cent off daytime prices. So if you are looking for a place to eat or have a get-together with friends, Cashbox is for you. (Jing'an location: No. 457, Urumqilu)

Out on the town, Shanghainese style7. Book hunt at Jifeng Bookstore. Jifeng Bookstore is located at the Shaanxi Nanlu metro stop andis the best place in Shanghai to buy books.The store has a relaxed and free atmosphere where you can easily spend an entire afternoon browsing among the store's impressive selection.. (Location: Shaanxi Nanlu metro station)

8. Get a dose of culture at Shanghai Museum. More and more fashionable young Shanghainese are taking dates to the Shanghai Museum. Apart from ten permanent exhibits, the museum regularly holds both domestic and international short-term exhibits such as Egyptian art displays, Tibetan cultural relics and Mayan artifacts. (Location: People's Square, on Renmin Dadao)

9. Search for inspiration at Ikea Swedish furniture warehouse. Ikea is located on Longhua Xilu, next to Shanghai Stadium. Ikea's strengths lie in its smaller merchandise like paper lampshades, cloth CD cases, bell-bottomed vases, rag throw-rugs, flower-engraved bowls and mobile bookcases, which are affordable and funky. (Location: No. 585, Longhua Xilu, Huafu Tower 1-3F)

Out on the town, Shanghainese style10. Listen to music at M-box. M-box, short for music-box, is a restaurant/club located on the third floor of Peregrine Plaza. You can find regular pop music shows in the club and pictures of Cui Jian, Zhang Xueyou, and other hot singers on the entrance mural. Even the menu here is in the shape of a compact disc case. (Location: Peregrine Plaza 3F, No. 1325, Huaihai Zhonglu, across from the Maison Mode department store)