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Top 10 'Please...'

Updated: 2010-01-12 06:04
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Editor's note: They say a picture is worth a thousand words and 2009 was no exception. With the world in recession and the news filled with stories of suffering and pain, it is no wonder that every now and then an image comes along that makes us all appreciate the wonders of life a little bit more. The following ten photos, selected by China Daily website editors, record some of the defining moments of 2009. [The Top 10 Everything of 2009]


1. Please buy our grapefruits

Top 10 'Please...'

A little girl spells out the shape of "0.30 yuan" with grapefruits in Fangjiaji village of Quzhou, east China's Zhejiang province, February 15, 2009. A slack market demand left the farmers with a large mount of grapefruits unsold. [Photo/CFP]


2. Please, I want to lose weight

Top 10 'Please...'

Su Huiqing tries on the mask with the help of nurses ahead of a liposuction at a hospital in Fuzhou, east China's Fujian province, November 17, 2009.

Nicknamed Su Su, the 32-year-old, who weighed nearly 150Kg with a height of 1.57m, was said to be the heaviest woman in Fujian province.[Photo/CFP]

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