1944 London Summer Olympics

Updated: 2012-05-17 17:09:04


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Host city: London, United Kingdom (cancelled due to World War II)

Opening ceremony: N/A

Closing ceremony: N/A

Stadium: N/A

The 1944 Summer Olympics (Games of the XIII Olympiad) were scheduled to be held in London. Awarded in 1939, they were, however, cancelled due to World War II. These Games would have celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Modern Olympiad. A small celebratory sporting competition was held in Lausanne, in lieu of the Olympics, at IOC headquarter.

Medal Count

1 46 29 29
2 38 27 22
3 29 17 19
4 24 25 33
5 13 8 7
6 11 19 14

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