Renewed violence engulfs Palestinian refugee camp in Syrian capital

Updated: 2013-01-01 20:35:00


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DAMASCUS, January 1 (Xinhua) -- Violence renewed Tuesday at the main camp for Palestinian refugees in the Syrian capital of Damascus, with reports of shell bombs slamming several parts of the camp and the blast of a car bomb there, reports said.

Activists said Tuesday that several mortar shells slammed several areas of the al-Yarmouk camp, coupled with clashes between local committees and armed rebels. No reports of casualties have emerged yet.

Meanwhile, pro-government news websites said a car bomb went off near Hamdan bakeries in al-Yarmouk, with casualties reported. Further details of the blast are still forthcoming.

Violence in al-Yarmouk has become increasingly common recently. A couple of weeks ago, hundreds of Yarmouk residents rallied at the entrance of the camp to enter it after having to flee out due to the intense violence there. Although a considerable number of residents have returned to the camp, life there has not returned to normal yet.

Among the 500,000 Palestinians taking refuge in Syria, around 160,000 live in the camp.

The Palestinian refugees in Syria have tried to keep a distance from the violence that has stormed areas next door, but Syria's civil conflict did not spare them untouched. Recent data showed that more than 600 Palestinians have been killed in the unrest.