Syrian candidate calls for abrogating "forged"elections results

Updated: 2012-05-12 18:27:00


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DAMASCUS, May 12 (Xinhua) -- A Syrian candidate running in the parliamentary elections called on Saturday for an immediate abrogation of elections results, charging that they were "forged and manipulated."

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Qadri Jamil, head of the National Front for Change and Liberation and a parliament candidate, charged that some "corruptive parties were able to manipulate and even falsify the results of the elections," adding that the turnout was relatively low.

Syrians cast ballots Monday to choose members of the 250-seat parliament from more than 7,000 candidates. However, four polling stations had to re-open Tuesday and Wednesday for re-voting due to the "violations" that occurred in the voting process.

Jamil's party ran independently in the elections with its own lists that included six candidates in Damascus, including Jamil himself.

The elections were marked with boycott by some opposition parties inside Syria, which said the polls were "designed by security forces to suit the current regime."

Jamil said the parliamentary elections "didn't and will not turn into a starting point for the overall political process," accusing the electoral system in Syria of being "corrupt" and stymying the real political process.

Jamil said the elections, instead of powering the national unity, have raised popular anger, noting that the results should be cancelled and the new parliament should be dissolved immediately.

Despite criticism, the Syrian government deems the elections as a big step in the process of reform promised by the embattled government. The results of the elections are expected to be announced soon.