Riot in Urumqi
Exculsive interview with NY Chinatown guru [2009-08-13 15:21]
Mr.Steven Wong look at China's recent happenings and development from outside the box.
Family's open letter to Rebiya [2009-08-06 14:09]
Rebiya's family has spoken about their sorrow and expectations for her.
乌鲁木齐“7·5”事件中无辜死亡群众156人 [2009-08-06 14:08]


"7·5”事件83名犯罪嫌疑人被批捕 [2009-08-06 13:42]
Fake evidence behind Urumqi riot [2009-08-06 13:39]
The WUC and other overseas groups spread faked evidence through the Internet and other channels, which was a direct cause of July 5 riots in Urumqi.
谎言昭然若揭 分裂不得人心 [2009-08-06 13:35]
热比娅境内部分亲属接受记者采访 [2009-08-05 10:43]
Anti-terror efforts Xinjiang's priority [2009-08-04 17:48]

Five terrorism plots for attacks on Xinjiang civilians have been uncovered.

Police release names, photos of suspects [2009-08-04 10:40]
The Urumqi Public Security Bureau released on Wednesday a wanted list and the photos of 15 suspects from the July 5th riot.
China criticizes Australia over Kadeer visa [2009-08-04 10:34]
The Chinese government has expressed severe dissatisfaction towards the Australian government's decision to grant Rebiya Kadeer a tourist visa.

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