798 Art District [2009-07-31 10:35]
798 Art District in Beijing is boasted for being a paradise for artists.
60th anniversary of China [2009-09-16 14:42]
October 1, 1949 marked a new era in the middle kingdom. The People's Republic of China got on the world stage. During the last 60 years, huge changes and amazing developments have taken place in the vast country.
Chongyang Festival [2009-10-26 14:30]
Chongyang Festival is a special day to honor the elders in China.
Summer Davos [2009-09-10 12:50]

The summer Davos attracted over 1,300 participants from 86 countries.

China Intangible Cultural Heritage [2008-08-21 09:57]
Have a peek into traditional handicrafts and festivals in this special coverage.
A(H1N1) Flu Outbreak [2009-05-06 11:00]
The number of A(H1N1) flu cases and death toll are growing, as well as people's concerns.
Forever stays the Olympic spirit [2009-08-06 15:16]
Beijing gave the world a big surprise by hosting a "truly exceptional Games" in the summer of 2008.
Riot in Urumqi [2009-07-08 14:02]
After the July 5 riot in Urumqi, the government calls for efforts to restore order in Xinjiang.
Global Think Tank Summit [2009-07-03 16:11]
The first Global Think Tank Summit kicked off in Beijing on July 2. Close to 100 top-notch think tanks from home and abroad took part in the event.
外交讲坛系列节目 [2009-04-02 14:32]

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