China Intangible Cultural Heritage
Back to the Past [2009-08-03 10:14]
Zhang Yujun has made several fascinating micro-landscape which reflect Old Beijing.
Painting on Photo [2009-06-30 15:06]
Artists combine Chinese painting techniques and western photography in their works.
Guozijian cultural festival starts [2009-06-11 17:41]
It's a good opportunity to learn about China's intangible cultural heritage.
The biggest BJ Duanwu Festival [2009-06-01 17:19]
Thousands of people attended the 9am opening of the biggest Beijing Dragon Boat Festival on May 28.
Duanwu and dragons [2009-05-31 10:44]
Local people celebrate Duanwu Festival in Beijing Longtan Park. Qu Yuan, a famous official and poet, who threw himself into the Miluo River after his homeland was occupied by the Qin forces back in 278BC, was commemorated during the celebration.
Tianqiao's dying spirit reborn [2009-05-27 13:32]
A dip into Chinese traditional culture.
Beating the ghost and revive hope [2009-02-27 19:25]
The annual activity of Beating the Ghost, an important Buddhist Ritual.
People eat 'lucky' Laba porridge [2009-01-04 16:00]
Eating porridge on Laba is believed to bring good fortune in the New Year.
Burning Picture 火笔画 [2008-11-19 14:03]
It looks like traditional Chinese painting, and could have an effect quite similar to ink brushes. It’s quite difficult to simulate the ink brush style with iron however.
Yang Yingying and Her Chinese Paintings 中国娃娃画 [2008-09-26 12:07]

Yang's work has the rich flavor of traditional Chinese painting, also the deep meaning of folk culture. She hopes to share her life experience and express her well wishes through her work.

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