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President Xi Jinping and Dutch King Willem-Alexander review an honor guard upon the arrival of Xi and his delegation at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam on Saturday ahead of the March 24-25 Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague. Koen Van Weel / AFP

Celebration surrounds Xi's arrival

The Netherlands pulls out all the stops for the Chinese leader's visit

Satellite images may be related to MH370

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Sunday People

Building Bridges

Josette Sheeran recalls visiting Beijing for the first time in 1981.

Positioning South Africa right in China

World Scene

Sunday Expat

Swimming in inspiration

Not every teacher enjoys being called out by one of his students, but Jeffrey Morabito took it in stride at his recent exhibition opening at the Beijing American Center. The overflow crowd included many students in Morabito's class at Beijing Normal University. The artist had been describing the spontaneous nature of his creativity, insisting that his work isn't generally based on anything particular - and doesn't need to be. Stream of consciousness can be the best muse.

Revolutionary singer is red-hot

Out and about

Sunday Image

Marine Corps war games

The Chinese marine corps has concluded war games. This is the corps' first combined combat exercise with army forces in cold environments. In a simulation of a city assault, one side deployed automatic reconnaissance aircraft and special forces to collect intelligence on the other side before weeding out its defenses and engaging in urban combat. Navy commander Wu Shengli says the drill was aimed at honing the navy's cross-regional mobility and abilities in extended combat in strange and extremely cold environments.

Sunday Food

A matter of taste

US first lady Michelle Obama's family made headlines Saturday night when they dined at Da Dong Peking Roast Duck Restaurant.

Sunday Style

Make hay while rum shines

Mention rum to the typical consumer and he will think pirates surrounded by scantily clad women in ripped clothing wandering the beach promoting cheap liquor, holiday cocktails with an umbrella or, heaven forbid, rum and Coke.

Enjoying scent and flavors of this spirit

Sunday Kaleidoscope

Old market finds

Dwarfed by such high-rises as Yoho Midtown and Sun Yuen Long Centre, Yuen Long Old Market is a mere blip in the sprawl of the rapidly developing New Territories town. Yet it is along this neighborhood of gray brick two- and three-story buildings that Hong Kong's past glory can be gleaned.

Moods expressed through dance moves

Understanding of culture looms large

Sunday Travel

Sensory overload

Arrive in Venice on a rainy day and the much-touted canals and houses are cast in a muted, enigmatic light. Turn up when the sun is shining and the sensory blitz is almost too much to behold - a heady cultural concoction of singing gondoliers, vivid pink mansions and tantalizing cooking smells.

Sunday Sports

'Sense of urgency' on Rio

There is not a moment to lose if the 2016 Rio Olympics are to go off smoothly, officials said on Friday after wrapping up their latest visit by identifying a "sense of urgency" surrounding preparations.

Quarters no cakewalk in Champions League

Van Persie's knee injury hobbles United

Ronaldo the jet-setter

Score board

Song set to sail into history

Qingdao shows the way in sailing savvy

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