Mooing into a new year
By Cheng Anqi (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-01-20 15:13

Sight, Sound and Action company is staging a large-scale Mad Cow's Rite of Spring show to celebrate the Chinese New Year at Meilanfang Grand Theater.

The extravaganza makes use of the confrontation between last year's mouse and the New Year's ox to characterize the company's repertoire of shows. There is zany song and dance, action and comedy.

The four traditional Chinese gods of Blessing, Scholarship, Longevity and Wealth will host the show, which features highlights from the Canada-based production company's seven shows - Of Heaven and Earth, Heartbeat, Terracotta Warriors, Tang Concubines, Phoenix, Scene and Monkey King

7:30 pm, Jan 16-18

31 Ping'anli Xidajie Street, Xicheng district

400-810-3721, 400-818-3333


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