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Redemption pays off

China's Su Tong, 46, won the prestigious Man Asian Literary Prize in Hong Kong yesterday, with his latest work, The Boat to Redemption, a realistic novel set during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76).

Book review: Gay author's new novel engrossing, not graphic

If you are curious about the novel Courage only because it would be the first work of Chinese gay fiction you have read, know this - it is not that gay.Their relationship is explored as an unusually intimate friendship, a bit one-sided, with Gao seemingly more interested in Hao.  The author does a good job in presenting Gao, who loves Hao unconditionally.

ABT dances around Don Quixote

As part of its debut in China, American Ballet Theater (ABT) will perform Don Quixote at the National Center for the Performing Arts, today and tomorrow.

Googut Auction preview

Beijing Googut Auction is offering a preview of its Autumn Auction lots at its new offices.

Modern-day Gulliver

A modern drama adaptation of Gulliver's Travels by Irish writer Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) retains the satire by using current issues to explore the human condition.

CW scrubs up for med-school drama

The CW is going to medical school with "HMS," an ensemble drama from "Mystic Pizza" writer Amy Holden Jones.

LA art museum relaunches after recession-era rescue

Brought back from the brink of financial ruin by a philanthropist's $30 million gift, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles celebrates its turnaround this weekend with the most ambitious exhibition of its own iconic collection.

Africa in focus

An exhibition, Friends, Partners and Brothers, has 182 photos of natural landscapes, people's lives, arts and culture, and the latest developments in Africa, as seen through the lens of nine renowned Chinese photographers.

Taiwan sculptor

Kang Muxiang, a veteran sculptor from Taiwan, is holding his first solo exhibition of wood sculptures on the mainland at Today Art Museum.

Love finds conflict in Schiller masterpiece

Germany's Meininiger Theater is celebrating the 250th birth anniversary of German playwright Friedrich Schiller with his masterpiece Intrigue and Love.

Tormented Caravaggio and Bacon connect in Rome show

Portraits by Italian master Caravaggio and Irish-born 20th-century painter Francis Bacon stand side-by-side in new exhibition connecting their tormented views of humanity despite contrasting approaches to realism.

Ethnic clothing exhibition

The Exhibition of China's Ethnic Clothing Culture, that opens today at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities, will display the costumes of all of the nation's 56 ethnic groups, besides featuring music and dance performances by minority troupes from Xinjiang, Yunnan and Jilin.

Air force history

An on-going art exhibition, celebrating the 60th founding anniversary of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) air force, has more than 170 Chinese paintings, calligraphy scrolls, oil and ink paintings and posters.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular Show

The Rockettes dance during a dress rehearsal of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show in New York November 11, 2009.

Top works fail at Christie's contemporary auction

Despite major casualties, Christie's managed to meet expectations on Tuesday at its uneven auction of post-war and contemporary art.