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On the record

Artist Zhang Xiaogang says he's "a person who lives in the past".

Eulogy to a hero

The Performing Arts Company of China's Air Force will stage Jiang Jie, one of the most popular Chinese operas at the Great Hall of the People.

Vital art

Swiss artist Not Vital displays his latest sculptures, made in China since 2008, from materials ranging from plaster to painted stainless steel and bronze, at his solo exhibition Not Why.

Just for laughs

Chen Peisi, known for his comic shows at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, returns to the stage.

An operatic high point

Among all those big names there are only two Chinese. One is the multi-faceted composer/conductor Tan Dun, the other is soprano Huang Ying.

The 12th West Lake Art Expo kicks off in E China

An oil painting of a Peking Opera character is featured at the 12th annual West Lake Art Expo in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, November 19, 2009.

US mom looking to write a book

After reading the story about her adopted Chinese son (Looking for answers) in the Oct 29 edition of China Daily, the mother Julia Norris from Maryland says she is relieved to note that overseas adoptees are attracting attention in their Motherland.

River Plate reflect on the past in new museum

River Plate, one of the world's greatest soccer clubs, are hoping that the sight of the glories of the past in their new museum will influence the present and spark a recovery from a major slump on the field.

Picture imperfect

Pan Shixun has lost count of the number of times he has been to Tibet. Except for Ngari in the region's western part and Medog in the southeastern part, the 75-year-old painter has left his footprints on almost every inch of the plateau.

Prostitutes on display at venerable London gallery

The National Gallery in London, one of the world's great public collections, has put on display a seedy reconstruction of Amsterdam's Red Light District in a rare foray into contemporary installation art.

Stylized nudes expected to top Latin American art sales

bronze of a voluptuous nude holding a cigarette and a volcanic landscape strewn with lifeless limbs top this week's Latin American art auctions.

Violence lull spurs timid revival in Iraqi art

A lull in violence has sparked a timid renaissance in Iraqi art after years of dictatorship and bloodshed restricted artistic freedoms.

Following in the footsteps of The Master

Now that the verdict is out on the winner of the third edition of the Man Asian Literary Prize, Colm Toibin can drop his guard. Last week he was understandably reticent.

Tossed around by the waves

An excerpt of He An (The Boat to Redemption)

Charting newer heights

Su Tong must have been born to write, says his friend Wang Gan, who waited seven years to edit his "best work" - The Boat to Redemption.