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Top 10 shanzhai phenomena in 2009

The word “shanzhai” originally means "mountain village," but the term was given a new life in China.

Top 10 hottest celebrities of 2009

2009 witnessed the sad passing of notable stars of the stage and screen, as well as the rise of promising new talents

Top 10 celebrity break-ups in 2009

Their true love lives seem to draw more attention than the characters they play on the silver screen.

GQ's best and worst dressed

The British edition of GQ magazine has compiled a list of the best and worst dressed men.

Top 10 money-making stars of 2009

Quigley Publishing Company has compiled the annual list of money making stars,see who has made the most money in 2009.

Top 10 sleeper movies of the decade

Sleepers come seemingly out of nowhere. They are the little films that confound expectations, attracting enthusiastic audiences that happily spread the word.

Top 10 celebrity deaths of 2009

2009 witnessed the sad passing of a number of stars of the stage and screen who touched many lives around the world.

Top 10 web celebrities of 2009

They say everybody will have 15 minutes of fame at some stage in their life, but with the increasing use of the Internet, for some, the glare of the media spotlight often shines too brightly and suddenly.

2009 American Music Awards

Country crossover star Taylor Swift overshadowed the late Michael Jackson at the American Music Awards on Sunday, winning five prizes including artist of the year.

66th Venice Film Festival

For Omar Sharif, the future and the past are useless. The only thing that counts for the Egyptian actor is the present.

2009 MTV Video Music Awards

Celebs arrive at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York,September 13, 2009.

The Final Cut

It's 1972 and a man rides his bicycle down a Beijing street, takes his hands off the handlebars and starts practicing tai chi. In another scene, on another day, in a Henan province village, a group of primary school students read their textbooks out loud, with blank expressions, as if they do not understand the characters.

Celebrity fashion, dog walking

If dogs are man's best friend, then surely these photos prove they've moved on to become woman's best accessory.

Celebrities in bikini

Jessica Alba and Warren were both spotted in there bathing suits in Malibu Aug 1.Katy Perry (R) sports a tight pink bikini at the Fontainebleau hotel.

Teen Choice 2009 Awards

Celebs arrive at the Teen Choice 2009 Awards taping in Los Angeles,California August 9,2009.

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