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Luggage Storage

Provides luggage storage and claim services within 2 months

Service Hours: open from 6:00 to 23:00 (Departure Level of T1 and T2)

               open from 6:00 to 24:00 (Arrival Level of T1 and T2)

Location: T1: between Gate 4 and 5, 10 and 11 in the Departure Hall; between Gate 6 and 7 of the greeting area in the Arrival Hall

Tel: +86(21)68346324

T2: near Island A and M in the Departure Hall; near the International exit in the Arrival Hall

Tel: +86(21)68340076


Passengers are required to produce valid documents to deposit or claim luggage. Security staff will check items using X-ray devices. Computer-controlled cabinets are used to store ordinary luggage. Oversized items will not be kept in these cabinets. The luggage storage area is equipped with video surveillance systems.

Fee for Luggage Storage (unit: RMB)

Luggage Storage

Note: the minimum charge of less than four hours is required to prepay for renting electronic cabinets; oversized luggage are charged at least 50 yuan ($8.33) in advance for less than 24-hour storage; over 24-hour storage will be charged according to the computer bills.

Kind Reminder:

Luggage agent service is convenient for passengers. It allows passengers to apply in advance and fill out an entrustment form when they cannot pick up their luggage by themselves. The agents are required to show the valid documents and keep copies (valid documents: ID card, passport, military officer’s card, soldier’s card).


1. Passengers need to describe the name, characteristics, lost date, lost spot and other information when claiming lost articles. The valid documents are required for registration after confirmation.

2. Passengers can entrust others to claim lost articles. The agents need to show the owner entrustment form including the name of the articles, the agent’s name, the valid documents and copies of the owners, and the valid documents and agent copies (valid documents: ID card, passport, military officers’ card, soldiers’ card).