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Sanmenxia teenagers tour South Korea city2018-08-28

A delegation of 300 teenagers from the city of Sanmenxia, Henan province recently travelled to Dongducheon in South Korea for an international exchange activity.

Invitation from Yellow River Park Road Cycling Race2018-08-27

The 2018 Circum-Central Plains Open Cycling Championships (Sanmenxia Stop), or the 2018 China (Sanmenxia) Yellow River Park Road Cycling Race, will commence in the city of Sanmenxia, Henan province on Sep 28.

Face to face interview with Sun Zhenjun — a versatile artist2018-08-24

Sun Zhenjun, art director of China (Sanmenxia) White Swan Wildlife International Photography Exhibition, has been engaging in journalism and photography work since his term of military service in the South China Sea Fleet of the PLA Navy and on the Xisha Islands, or the Paracel Islands.

Dongpo Park helps boost Sanmenxia's tourism industry2018-08-21

Dongpo Park in Hubin district of Sanmenxia opened to the public on Qixi Festival, also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day, which falls on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar. This year's Qixi Festival fell on Friday, Aug 17.

New bridge to link Sanmenxia's CBD with old town2018-08-17

Starting from Nov 2, 2017, the construction of the Qinglongjian River in Sanmenxia in western Henan province has been in full swing.

Sanmenxia-made wheel hubs used in Xpeng Motors EVs2018-08-17

The wheel hubs produced by Sanmenxia Dicastal Wheel Manufacturing has recent been applied to Xiaopeng G3 cars, China's first internet-based smart electric vehicle (EV) developed by EV startup Xpeng Motors.

Sanmenxia to hold blind date Qixi party2018-08-16

A large-scale blind date party will be held in Sanemnxia on Aug 17 to celebrate the annual Qixi Festival.

Bureau vows to improve work efficiency for better economic development2018-08-14

The Sanmenxia environmental protection bureau vowed to improve its work efficiency to better serve the city's social and economic development.

Sanmenxia deepens reforms of manufacturing industry2018-08-10

Since last year Sanmenxia has taken various measures to deepen the "three major reforms" for its manufacturing industry to make the industry more intelligent, high-tech and greener.

Gansu students learn about Yangshao culture at Sanmenxia2018-08-10

Mianchi county in Sanmenxia, known as the birth place of Yangshao culture (5000 BC to 2900 BC), is famous for its beautiful pottery designs with animal motifs.

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