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Pic story: inheritor of Shanzhou paper-cutting2018-06-07

Huang Liang'e, 64, inheritor of Shanzhou paper-cutting, has become a popular artist for her characteristic paper-cutting performance.

The 6th China Specialty Products Fair sees record sales2018-06-01

The 6th China Specialty Products Fair was held at the International Wenbo Exhibition Center in Sanmenxia, Henan province from May 25-29.

Conference advises development of tourism2018-05-31

A market revolving around recreational tourism has now come into being. Gone are the days when tourism was a simple combination of scenic areas, hotels and travel agencies.

100 pairs of twins ride the waves in drifting festival2018-05-29

Over a hundred pairs of twins from around the country join in the drifting festival in Sanmenxia, Central Henan province on May 26-27.

Sanmenxia sees strong results in finance and talent2018-05-28

The "Financial and Intellectual Resources" Promotion Conference & Projects Signing Ceremony opened in Sanmenxia, Henan province on May 25. A total of 85 economic cooperation projects were signed, with investment reaching 46.54 billion yuan ($7.3 billion).

Run! Run to the colorful Sanmenxia2018-05-28

The 4th Color Run weaved through the streets of Sanmenxia's CBD on May 27, igniting a rapturous festive air with a shower of colored powders.

Sanmenxia hosts annual tourism festival and product fair2018-05-28

The 24th Sanmenxia Yellow River Cultural Tourism Festival and the 6th China Specialty Fair opened in Sanmenxia, Central China's Henan province on May 25.

Freight rail tunnel breaks through early2018-05-28

Workers on Sunday morning completed the digging of a tunnel for the world's longest heavy-freight railway-which will stretch from coal-rich northern China to the country's central provinces-five months ahead of schedule, the project contractor said.

Sanmenxia gears up for tourism festival2018-05-25

Sanmenxia in Central China's Henan province has taken on a new look in preparation for the upcoming 24th Sanmenxia Yellow River Cultural Tourism Festival and the 6th China Specialty Products Fair.

Sanmenxia gears up for the specialty products fair2018-05-23

Sanmenxia of Henan province is making final preparations for the 6th China Specialty Products Fair which is to open on May 25.

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